Management Team

  • JOHN D. LANGDON | Chairman & Founding Partner

    John D. Langdon is the Founding Partner and Chairman of Massive Enterprises, LLC, and Chairman of the Hexagon House Foundation. Mr. Langdon has over 23 years of middle-market private equity experience, most recently as Managing Director of Platinum Equity and co-head of PLMM, Platinum’s lower middle market investment group. Mr. Langdon is a leading economist, forecaster, and strategist – among one of the first to predict the U.S. mortgage crisis. He created industry-standard financial models in private equity mergers, acquisitions, and operations of companies spanning dozens of global industries. Prior to Platinum Equity, he was a Managing Director and founding member of New Stream Capital’s lower middle market private equity group. Mr. Langdon was also a Managing Director of MMP Capital Partners. Mr. Langdon has extensive private equity experience with Merrill Lynch’s middle market LBO group, Interfunding, Kohlberg & Co. and Caxton-Iseman Capital, where he handled 25 middle market transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $1.0 billion. He's served as a board member of Rauch Industries, ThermoView, Inc., Vitality Foodservice, Siemens Laserworks, Arborcraft, H.L. Lyons Companies, and International Wholesale Tile. Additionally, Mr. Langdon, (aka SlingR) is a member of Kalm Kaoz, the Komplextro driven rock 'n roll band signed by Massive Enterprises' subsidiary, Massive Decks Recordings. He received his BA from St. Lawrence University and received his MBA with honors and distinction from The Darden School, University of Virginia, where he was named a Shermet Scholar and received the Award for Academic Excellence.

    JENNIFER C. LAI | Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner

    Jennifer C. Lai has extensive and diversified management experience in brand development, merchandising, media, and entertainment companies. Most recently, she was COO of TapouT Films with prior experience in in the entertainment, film and television industry as a line producer, supervising producer, field producer and co-producer. Ms. Lai was a co-founder V7 the official brand management entity of NFL athlete Michael Vick’s brand and media assets. The V7 brand was exclusively licensed as an apparel line in partnership with Ruby Azrak (Phat Farm) and distributed by the Modell’s sporting goods chain. Ms. Lai formed the non-profit V7 (Central VA) Elite Youth Football Association, AAU Virginia State champions and National Champions in their inaugural year (2012). She has been Managing Partner of a print and digital marketing agency, re-branding and packaging film and television key-art for international sales. She was also the Principal of Emblem Merchandise, Inc. a merchandising company, managing logistics for overseas importing as well as multiple domestic manufacturing facilities, and producing thousands of units of merchandise under license to numerous universities throughout the U.S., and for companies such as the NFL, Nokia, Sprint, and JetBlue. She maintains strong relationships in the entertainment and media industries, along with overseas manufacturers of apparel, hi-tech, printed goods, and U.S. manufacturers, licensees, and distributors of merchandise. Ms. Lai’s direct industry experience includes management in web, digital, and traditional marketing, branding, proficiency in film and television budgeting and logistics, as well as marketing and merchandise for the sports and entertainment industries. She attended UCLA, where she was the Web Editor-In-Chief of “Aleph” the Official Undergraduate Research Journal in the Social Sciences and Humanities.


    NATHAN L. FILBY | Creative Director & Founding Partner

    Nathan Filby (aka Motoe Haus), a veteran with 15 years of music production and song writing experience, and accomplished DJ, is a founding partner of Massive Enterprises, LLC and its Creative Director. Mr. Filby is a member of Kalm Kaoz, the Komplextro driven rock 'n roll band signed by Massive Enterprises' subsidiary, Massive Decks Recordings. Originally from Victoria, B.C., Mr. Filby moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and began his career in music production. Mr. Filby spent years touring, releasing records and videos, as well as producing some of North America's premier artists. He has accumulated a precise marketing eye during his tenure in the industry. Mr. Filby’s marketing, creative design skills, and social media concepts helped form the Massive Enterprises global vision. Mr. Filby has broad relationships and a wide network in the U.S. music industry, while embracing and understanding the currents in various underground scenes, fueling his unique design visions. An electronic dance music artist with worldwide distribution, he has over 90 releases on BeatPort, and produced over 70 artists during his career. His passion is music.

    NOAH KIM | Director of Operations |

    DENNIS TINERINO | Head of Business Development |

    SEMHI LEE | Communications Manager |

    MICHAEL WRIGHT | Multimedia & IT Manager |

    *Massive Enterprises, LLC and its respective employees, agents, parents, subsidiaries, and related companies, John D. Langdon, Jennifer C. Lai, and Nathan L. Filby are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Rogo Productions, Rove, Robert Goulet, The Goulet Family, Saturday Night Live, NBC, Will Ferrell, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates.


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